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Client Testimonials

I want to take the time to thank Lara, with Happy Dog Happy Owner, for her assistance training our little pug, Milo. For the most part, Milo could be trusted off leash, but we were concerned with how "overly friendly" he was with other dogs and people. While that doesn't sound like a problem, we were worried about not being able to control him in potentially dangerous situations. When Milo was distracted by other people or dogs, it was nearly impossible for us to get him to come, so I decided to get some help. After getting to know me and Milo, Lara began with some simple exercises and a game to get Milo excited to come when called. The game turned into something that our entire family (including our son) now plays at home. We talked about some other techniques that could be used while out in public (where the problem typically occurred) and I began implementing them right away on our daily walks. I was surprised at how quickly each of the exercises and techniques worked and we are well on our way to solving the problem. What really stood out was the fact that Lara took the time to teach me how to work on the problem at home with my family and I never felt pressured to sign up for weeks and weeks of classes to work on the issue. I will continue to use Happy Dog Happy Owner for any additional training needs.


Brian and Milo
Clairemont, San Diego

Milo the Pug

Venus has always been scared of men. After getting engaged, I was worried that I wouldn't be able to keep Venus if she continued to be fearful of Scott (my fiancée). After a few sessions with Lara to learn counter-conditioning techniques, lots of practice on our own, and some patience, Venus has made quite a bit of progress and is overcoming her fear. Venus will go for walks with Scott and even plays fetch with him in the park. We are so happy with what we have accomplished.

Terri and Venus
Run Venus Run

Dave, a professional dog walker, contacted Happy Dog Happy Owner because his pitbull Josie had leash aggression issues.

Thanks Lara. I was able to apply your techniques to Josie, my two Hurricane Katrina dogs, and three others that I walked today, that's the best $60 I ever spent!

Thanks again!

Dave and Josie
Ocean Beach, San Diego

Smiling Josie

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