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Happy Dog Happy Owner is a San Diego based dog training company. Our mission is to ensure that you and your dog achieve your training goals. Whether your goals are related to basic manners, dog sports, obedience, or severe behavior issues we have the expertise to help. We believe that our success is measured by your success and our mission isn't complete until you and your dog have accomplished your objectives.

We offer a variety of dog training services and products.

An important component of our classes is teaching you how to communicate with and train your dog. We limit the size of our group classes, guaranteeing that you and your dog receive plenty of individual attention.

We use positive reinforcement training techniques. Positive reinforcement is a powerful training tool, enabling the training experience to be both productive and fun. It builds trust and is fundamental for developing a successful relationship with your pet.

We address undesired behaviors such as: jumping, barking, digging, begging, chewing, etc. We also treat complex behavior challenges such as: fear, aggression, and separation anxiety. We develop a customized treatment plan based on positive reinforcement, desensitization, and counter-conditioning techniques. To ensure success, the plan is designed specifically for you and your dog.

You can reach us at: 619-889-8606. You can also contact us at our email address: lara@happydoghappyowner.com. We look forward to hearing from you.

If you would like to learn more about Happy Dog Happy Owner's mission statement, dog training philosophies, and services offered in San Diego, please take a moment to view the video below.


If you are interested in Pet Assisted Therapy, view the video below to learn about the volunteer work Lara and her therapy dog Hops perform at Rady Children's Hospital.

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